XCR’21 Jells Park Relays


After the year off, we made our return to Jells Park for the traditional opening cross country relays, on a new course configuration that still provided enough of a challenge for those who came looking for one. On a warm sunny afternoon we welcomed new and returning members for what promises to be an exciting season ahead.

The Premier Division Women made a strong statement for the season ahead, working their way to claim second place against some formidable competition, with debutantes Eilidh Bell and Rachel McGuinness cruising through the grassy (i.e. non-muddy) terrain, with Rachel Ayres comfortable in her first race in SMAC Colours. The Division 5 trio of Kirstin, Vanessa and Julie found themselves settled in the action.

Men’s Divisions 3 & 4 were well placed, moving through the field for a respectable finishes in the middle of their respective divisions. The Veterans were on display with “Wazza” leading the charge, as was our newly minted President
Runner of the day for his blistering finish was Jusuf Agil whose debut put the selection panel on notice, while fellow debutante Charlie Edgecombe used his trail running chops on the shorter distance and Arthur Brenaut did an admirable job anchoring division 3.

Special thanks to Shan Shan for photography, Athletics Victoria for hosting and organising the event and everyone who came down to run, support, cheer and brought snacks on the day!

Next round of XCR is at Lardner Park, Warragul on Saturday 22nd May and its a treat for you purists after an authentic cross country experience. Until then, put in those miles and Up the Bloods!

Ross Pentland

XCR’21 Season Information

We’re getting so close, after coming out of lockdown we’ve been hitting the track and putting in the miles of training and now the new season of XCR is upon us, starting with the traditional cross country relays at Jells Park in Wheelers Hill.

Firstly, thank you all for being with us this far over what was a testing year and even joining us on some of the virtual challenges held over lockdown.
We can’t wait to be out there racing alongside you in what promises to a big year for our team as we tow the line

Membership applications are open via Athletics Victoria Members Portal, and this year there are options to pre-purchase all race entries with the XCR Package or alternatively pay-as-you-go to suit your availability.

Teams need to be in by Monday 26th April, with individual registrations to be completed by Wednesday 28th April if you wish to run at Jells Park Relays.

XCR’21 Season Schedule

XCR’21 Round 1 Jells Park Relays

For younger members they can join the South Melbourne Little Athletics

Little Athletics Calendar

Whatever your running aspirations are this year, we hope to see you donning the red and white hoops this year and look forward to seeing you out there!

2021 Season Launch

Hello there! After the rollercoaster that was 2020 behind us and we invite you to our Traditional Season Opening Lunch to be held on the afternoon of Saturday 17th April 2021. The venue will be the Montague Hotel, with the upstairs room booked from 12:30pm onwards.

We’re hoping to see you in the XCR season ahead, in what promises to be an exciting year running, camraderie and friendship across the diverse courses and terrain Victoria has to offer.

You can leave us a line via our contact form or to southmelbac@gmail.com or presidentsouthmelb@gmail.com, and follow us on our Instagram @southmelbathletics as well as our Facebook Group Page.

Hope to see you in the red and the white hoops in 2021!

XCR19 ROUND 5 Sandown Relays


Well, well, well another solid hit-out Saturday in great conditions on the bitumen (no slush.!!) and in sunshine, by the SMAC squadron…. Good results through the whole line-up really and well done to all the teams, with the div.4 men coming in 2nd the best score result……👉👉👉

Div.1 women another 5th, top effort team

Div 3 men 5th and rising up the charts boys

Div 4 men 2nd GREAT job lads and climbing

Div 5 men (invites) a fantastic 2nd, well done

o50s men another 4th, well battled boys steady she goes

o60s men im giving them 5th, Kinkers’ Andrew Kincaid up your training please 😂

GREAT JOB by the Vollies (Ivor, Ed and Bron), you guys are champs, you keep rolling up and helpin’ out often 👉👉👉 and to our fans, there was a few in the crowd……


Teleah Hayes 22 flat, running consistent and strong for the SMAC’ers and Adronis Karabagega 21.41 super job mate.


Rosa Law you are a genuine star, go easy this week though, as its an early lunch after the 10km 😀😀

Gigi MacCagnini Oceania Championships

Gigi MacCagnini, who is one of junior middle distance runners had the honour representing Australia in the U/18 Women where she took out the win in 2:10.61 Gigi currently owns the 800m record for South Melbourne Athletic Club in and this is a massive achievement for her hard work.

Congratulations Gigi on your achievements, we can’t wait for what the future brings!

XCR Round 4 Anglesea Ekiden Relays


Ekiden Relays were Saturday and it was an improving SMAC Attack, from our small squadron again…… Good runs aplenty in the slushy (new word), slippery, twisty, muddy and winding conditions (we all loved it really)……

Women Div 1. a very solid 5th 👉

Men Div 3. a very steady 8th 👉

Men Div 4 (over 250yold mixed division!) a battling 6th 👉

Great work again by the Vollies and the Fans, there was more of them, than we had runners I think 😀😀😀


Lauren Cockerell for her 38.12mins and Daniel Clarke 35.21 for their great efforts in the slush n’ mush, out on the back 9.2km leg. A great challenge out there guys.!!


You guessed it, 3 in a row Rosa Law your a star😎😎


Greg Payne flew at the back end of the Div 4 team, in a super rear-guard action, with all there to cheer him in…..

Ps…. GREAT vibe’ there Saturday team (you were right Alana Plymin!!), even at the de-brief afterwards and the best since Ive been at SMAC (2017)… So well done to all, train well and lets keep working at getting better…Bring on Sandown on the 6th July…… Go SMAC’rs…… Waz

XCR19 Round 3 Bundoora XC

By Warren McVean


We had a small ‘squadron’ tackle Bundoora Saturday, in cold, slippery, twisty and hilly conditions…. Results were up across the board, for the teams entered, so well done guys….. TURN OUT THIS WEEK IF YOU CAN……..

GREAT work by the vollie’s and our FANS for coming out to support the small squadron, we appreciate it…..👉👉


Teleah Hayes 38.30 and Adronis Karabagega 37.07, really solid runs in the above conditions……


Rosa Law (that’s 2 in a row, keep it up) 👉👉👉


Rosa Law (the cake…..) 👉👉👉👉

Ps…. We need a BIG effort with numbers, to get some teams up this week, at the scenic Anglesea Round, see if you can get down there guys….. Cheers Waza

XCR19 Round 2 St Anne’s Winery

By Warren McVean

Well done to the ‘squad’ who landed at the winery Saturday arvo and toughed it out on the cold, slippery, twisty, hilly, undulating slopes (don’t know who designed it…….!)…. 😉
Results were down a little on round one, all looked like they were trying hard though and we will bounce back BIG at Bundoora, in a couple of weeks, im sure 🙂 👉

Great work by the Vollie’s again and all our fans who braved, the even shittier’ cold conditions this week……. Top job you guys. 👉

Run of the Day Awards: Jayne Grebinski Briggs in 30mins and her ‘swan-song’ with the club and Adronis Karabagega in 29mins, both top efforts guys for the 8k course…. 👉👉👉
Cake of the Day: Rosa Law lovely job R.L…… 👉
Debut of the Day: Daniel Clarke 31 mins, joining us from Sandy Bay, Tassie. He was right at home in the ‘conditions’ 👉

PS….. Good luck Jayne.G in Japan and we hope to see you back for a few Cameo’s in the future….You’ve been very consistent and a gun’ runner for SMAC….😀😀😀 Cheers Waza’

XCR19 Round 1 Jells Park XC Relays

By Warren McVean


Congratulations to all the new members who ran for SMAC, for the first time on Saturday. Having lots of new faces (and a few old ones like Judge Kincaid .!!!) around was great and conditions were pretty tough…. 
Good consistent running across the board in the Divisions, with nearly every team finishing 6th, we couldn’t have scripted that if we’d tried…… 
Well done to the volunteers and club fans in ‘shitty’ weather conditions, thanks for your efforts 😀😀
Also great to see some of the ‘debutants’, also then debut at the Wheelers Hotel afterwards to ‘rehydrate’…. Noteworthy here were the o60s team, who were best represented, with 100% participation….😀😀

Run of the Day ‘Awards’: Teleah Hayes and Mitch Waring
PB of the Day: Alok Kumar (done it again!!)
Rear Guard Action of the Day: Greg Payne (slugged it out)

Well done to all and see you at ROUND TWO 01.06.19.

Waz’ere 👉👉

2019/20 Season Launch

We’re very excited for the upcoming year in athletics especially in what promises to be an exciting season. South Melbourne Athletic Club welcomes members both new and returning to a new season for a wonderful year both on and off the track.

Joining SMAC will let you compete in the popular Athletics Victoria XCR competition held over 10 rounds in a wide variety of locations throughout Victoria, the Track & Field AV Shield Summer competition as well as the specialty meets Vic Milers Club, Rare Air and High Velocity Clubs.

Stay tuned for more details on the site, in the meantime you can stay up to date via our Facebook Group here and Instagram @southmelbourneathletics.