Hey Team SMAC’rs, quick update on Sunday’s round 9, Burnley Half Marathon action…… Perfect conditions for the run and a good hitout leading up to the MM….

Great to see the fans’ out in force, even Peter Logan was there telling us all to ‘hurry up’…… 😎 And to the vollies, we love your work, thanks as always guys…….

Sadly the women weren’t able to field a team, well done to the couple of girls who ran (and also notable was Anna Kelly for a smashing return to A.V racing 👉👉)…… Lets get a team up for the Tan next week hey, BIG EFFORT….. I see it could be the return of the Brick too Wo’hooo……

In the mens solid team efforts in div 3 and 4, along with the o50s and o60s very steady performances again….. I think the div 4 men will lose 2nd position after Sunday, so all hands on deck at the Tan, lets get it back and finish the year off guys…..

Well done to the PB brigade also, Mitch, Rosco, Nick and anyone else who smashed it’…… Train well guys and see you in 9 days for the Relays… Waz

Ps… Re-hydrating at the Rising Sun Hotel at 10.30am on a Sunday morning, cannot become a habit Prezzi.!!!!! By the way what time do the relays finish next week 👉👉👉

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