Ballarat road 15km was held Saturday and in very good conditions, compared to the last few years….!! Numbers were down a little unfortunately, but those who attended fought bravely for the SMAC brand…..😎😎😎

Div One women unfortunately couldn’t field a scoring team, however Lauren Cockerell was on fire again, coming in 9th overall in 55min, a fantastic effort Lauren…. R.O.D again…. The girls lost a couple of spots on the ladder, not fielding a team, so if anyone wants to join for a couple races, we’d all love to see you back…..👉

Div Three men had a terrific 2nd on the day, to hold 6th on the ladder, well done boys…. Patrick led the charge in 52 mins, with the other boys under 58… Well done…

Div Four men also ran well for 3rd on the day and jumped into 2nd on the ladder, again well done…. James lead the charge hear in 57mins and notably the ‘o50s sappers’ came up and played the ‘tail-gunners’ to round it out……👉

o50s a solid 7th on the day, to hold 8th spot, well lead ARoss in 60mins flat…….

o60s nailed 3rd on the day, to hold 4th possi’ on the ladder comfortably…. Judge Andrew Kincaid nearly blowing a gasket late on, but led the boys home nicely…..

Thanks to the ‘fans’ and notably Peter Casey who could simultaneously yell encouragement and take photos each lap of the racing SMAC’rs…. Thanks Pete…..

Tassie Daniel Clarke won the ‘re-hydration award’ Saturday night at the Sporting Globe hehehe…

Train well and consistently guys, see you in a couple of weeks time… 👉👉👉 Waz😀😀😀

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