XCR Round 4 Anglesea Ekiden Relays


Ekiden Relays were Saturday and it was an improving SMAC Attack, from our small squadron again…… Good runs aplenty in the slushy (new word), slippery, twisty, muddy and winding conditions (we all loved it really)……

Women Div 1. a very solid 5th 👉

Men Div 3. a very steady 8th 👉

Men Div 4 (over 250yold mixed division!) a battling 6th 👉

Great work again by the Vollies and the Fans, there was more of them, than we had runners I think 😀😀😀


Lauren Cockerell for her 38.12mins and Daniel Clarke 35.21 for their great efforts in the slush n’ mush, out on the back 9.2km leg. A great challenge out there guys.!!


You guessed it, 3 in a row Rosa Law your a star😎😎


Greg Payne flew at the back end of the Div 4 team, in a super rear-guard action, with all there to cheer him in…..

Ps…. GREAT vibe’ there Saturday team (you were right Alana Plymin!!), even at the de-brief afterwards and the best since Ive been at SMAC (2017)… So well done to all, train well and lets keep working at getting better…Bring on Sandown on the 6th July…… Go SMAC’rs…… Waz

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