XCR19 Round 2 St Anne’s Winery

By Warren McVean

Well done to the ‘squad’ who landed at the winery Saturday arvo and toughed it out on the cold, slippery, twisty, hilly, undulating slopes (don’t know who designed it…….!)…. 😉
Results were down a little on round one, all looked like they were trying hard though and we will bounce back BIG at Bundoora, in a couple of weeks, im sure 🙂 👉

Great work by the Vollie’s again and all our fans who braved, the even shittier’ cold conditions this week……. Top job you guys. 👉

Run of the Day Awards: Jayne Grebinski Briggs in 30mins and her ‘swan-song’ with the club and Adronis Karabagega in 29mins, both top efforts guys for the 8k course…. 👉👉👉
Cake of the Day: Rosa Law lovely job R.L…… 👉
Debut of the Day: Daniel Clarke 31 mins, joining us from Sandy Bay, Tassie. He was right at home in the ‘conditions’ 👉

PS….. Good luck Jayne.G in Japan and we hope to see you back for a few Cameo’s in the future….You’ve been very consistent and a gun’ runner for SMAC….😀😀😀 Cheers Waza’

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